Who are we?

Paul Gerrard & Brad Korbein, Develpers

  •  25 years of collaborative experience
  •  High Efficiency multi-family and workforce living units within ESG Standards. 

When are you taking Applications and when can we move in?

We will be accepting applications in the near future and notification will be on our front page. We will be accepting residents as of June 2024.  If you would like more information or to be notified when we are accepting applications  please contact us on our contact us page.  

What makes this project "green"?

High efficiency features of the building

  • 5″ thick structural insulated panels (SIP) walls, R-32+ insulation value in lieu of R-19 in a conventionally framed building.
  • Lightcolored flat roofs with fully insulated truss cavity, R-50+
  • High efficiency, electric heat pump mini-spit air conditioners with outside fresh air intake. 
  • Windows are insulated with Low E coating U=.32, SHGC=.19
  • All lighting is LED with occupancy sensing controls in common areas
  • On-site solar generation and use, estimated to provide 100% of total demand.
    • Building flat roofs are filled with fixed angle panels
    • Garage roofs are flat for future solar panels
    • Solar Tree, computer controlled to follow sun
    • Sythetic cork based stucco finish
  • Light colored exterior finishes to minimize heat gain and represent native Live Oaks and Spanish Moss.